A Toast to 2021

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is coming to an end, but here we are, ready to celebrate another New Year.

This year, although different from many of the past years, was just as successful at No-IP as ever. Our team continued to work remotely, but we still managed to have a lot of fun and celebrated numerous successes as a company.  The following are some of our favorite highlights from the past year.

2021 Highlights

One FREE TrustCor Standard DV SSL included on Free and Paid DNS Services

We now include one FREE TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate with every Free Dynamic DNS, Enhanced Dynamic DNS, and Plus Managed DNS service. TrustCor was also selected as our preferred SSL vendor for all Premium SSL Certificates. This change also included some exciting enhancements, including Automatic TXT record validation for all TrustCor SSL Certificates.

Hostname Redemption

We also launched a Hostname Redemption, which helps protect free account owners by providing a final period of retrieval before expired hostnames can be created by other customers. This process also gives customers the ability to quickly and easily get their expired free hostnames back, without opening a Support Ticket. This has helped our customers tremendously and provides them with an extra opportunity to keep their hostnames working seamlessly.

We Launched Our Website In German and Spanish

To help our large customer base who speak German and Spanish, we have added both languages to the list of languages that our website is offered in. No-IP is proud to say that our website and services are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Italian.

We Launched a Referral Program

Many customers of No-IP have joined us based on the recommendations from others, so we worked hard this year to create a Referral Program to help say thank you to the customers who have encouraged their friends and families to create No-IP accounts. Our Referral Program has been a huge success. Have you joined it yet? Learn more

Infrastructure Improvements and New Data Center

Behind the scenes, we were able to make some significant upgrades to our data center infrastructure that makes our services more robust and reliable. As our infrastructure grew, we ran out of room in our old data center that served us well for years.  So, we expanded from three racks scattered across multiple floors to one cage with five racks on all new hardware! The seamless transition was completed earlier this month when the website and all of its traffic were moved over. We are so excited to have our services backed by an even more robust and reliable infrastructure.

Fun No-IP Stats for 2021:

Our Development Team solved 1000+ Jira Issues, made 3200 commits to the code base, changed 135,000 lines of code, and did over 200 releases.

This year, our Customer Support team updated 30+ Knowledge Base articles, solved 68,268 Support Tickets, including Abuse Reports and they answered 17,921 phone calls all with an average customer satisfaction rating of 92%!

Now to the really fun DNS stats. This year, we answered almost 24 billion DNS queries, did 1 BILLION updates, and created nearly 5 million hostnames.

As we look into the future, we have some very exciting things planned for 2022, one of which will be adding two-factor authorization to our login process. This is a feature that our customers have been asking for and we are excited to finally offer.

Thanks as always for being such loyal customers and we look forward to all 2022 has to offer!