Phenomenal! Results for No-IP’s Annual Food Drive

Out of this world! The No-IP team and our generous users donated over $11,500 to our Holiday Season 2022 Virtual Food Drive for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada! This surpasses our last goal by over $6,500!

The No-IP team also had a friendly bet going to get the donations started: Jason Puccinelli, our VP of Operations, promised that if we got within $924 (a full pallet of Mac n Cheese) of our $5000 goal, he would buy the pallet for the Food Bank to make up the difference. At first, donations were a little slow and the team was a little worried about meeting our goal. However, just a few days before our deadline the donations started pouring in, and sure enough, Jason purchased the pallet of Mac n Cheese, thus surpassing our $5,000 goal! It’s funny what a little motivation and “putting money where your mouth is” can do for charity. On top of that, our fearless leader, Founder, and CEO Dan Durrer matched our contributions, which resulted in our whopping $11,569 total.

These past few years have been hard on everyone around the world, especially those with food insecurities. No one should ever have to go to bed hungry or worry about when their kid’s next meal will be. When you are able to give, even just a little bit, it can go a long way to those in need. if $1 can provide 6 meals, imagine what over $11,500 can do for the 130,000 neighbors the Food Bank services a month. To everyone that donated, the No-IP team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.