No-IP Adds Engineering Lead Mike Mason to the No-IP Team

Last week, No-IP welcomed a new member to the development team. Mike Mason took on a new role as Engineering Lead and will help oversee and manage development projects.

Mike comes to No-IP with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the Oregon Institute of Technology. He previously work at IGT for 15 years and has an extensive tech background.

“I started programming on a Commodore 64 at the age of nine and have been fiddling with computers personally and professionally ever since,” he said. 

After a storied career with IGT, Mason decided to make the move to No-IP because he was excited about the company culture.

“There’s an atmosphere of pride and satisfaction (with this team) that is hard to find in the software world these days,” he said.

He hopes his skills and background can bring something new to the team.

“I hope I’m able to use a mix of my technical knowledge and leadership experience to promote the growth of the team as individuals, and as a company,” he said. 

Mike is an avid gamer and loves to spend time playing games by From Software and Square Enix. He is also an accomplished singer and is currently a baritone in the Reno Philharmonic Chorus.

When asked the company’s most important question, who would win in a fight, a bear with titanium claws or a shark with a laser beam on its head, his answer was well thought out. 

“(A) shark’s too dumb to operate a laser, can only function in water, doesn’t even look at what it’s trying to eat and only attacks with teeth,” he said. “(A) bear can function on land or in water, (is) adept at catching things that swim, can attack with teeth AND four sets of claws. We have a clear winner here.” 

While he isn’t our first gamer, he is our first singer and we are happy to have Mike on the No-IP team.  


  1. Greg

    I expect great things from Mike. But I have a question. Does the shark score any achievement points for attempting to take on a Bear with titanium claws?

  2. Hailee Vance

    Maybe, but that doesn’t mean he will win.

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