Create Hostnames on Your Own Domain with No-IP Plus Managed DNS

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Do you ever wish you didn’t have to use a different domain for your website and your dynamic DNS? Well, you don’t have to if you add No-IP’s Plus Managed DNS to your current domain name. Adding Plus Managed DNS to your domain will allow you to create up to 50 hostnames on your own domain and it includes Dynamic DNS, so your hostname will always stay updated with the correct IP address.

This is a good choice for businesses or individuals who want to use their domain to create things like a blog or website.  It’s also beneficial for those who want to connect to a device using No-IP’s Dynamic DNS and their own domain name. For example, if you wanted to set up a security system in your home and registered the domain you could use Plus to create hostnames on that domain for every camera, like, etc. Plus allows you to create up to 50 hostnames attached to that one domain.

Creating hostnames on a custom domain isn’t the only benefit of No-IP Plus Managed DNS, other benefits include:

– Provides a personal or branded domain name
– Dynamic DNS with 100% uptime
– Supports SSL upgrades
– Easily set up a branded mail service for only $9.95 a year
– Phone and Ticket Support

Another benefit of using Plus over Free or Enhanced is that it is less likely to get flagged as SPAM on your social media accounts and Google. No-IP’s Enhanced and Free customers share more than 80 domains, meaning they have to count on millions of other people doing the right thing with their hosts. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and certain Free and Enhanced domains get flagged as SPAM. You can read more about why that happens here

No-IP’s Plus Managed DNS works multiple ways. Have a domain with us? Just add Plus and we do the rest. Have a domain registered somewhere else? That’s okay too! Simply purchase Plus and delegate your domain to our nameservers. If you don’t have a domain but want to add one, purchase Plus with Registration and choose the domain you want. We will register it for you and manage the DNS.


  1. Ben

    How does this work if I have a wordpress website hosted by someone else on their server and the domain namerservers pointing to their servers?

  2. Hailee Vance

    For more information on how this would work submit a ticket to and one our of knowledgable support staff will be happy to explain this further.

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