No-IP Announces Launch of Upgraded Billing Management System

No-IP, the world’s largest Free Dynamic DNS, leading Managed DNS, and domain services provider, has announced the launch of an upgraded billing management system.

In 2019, No-IP decided to move to a subscription billing model, which required that we overhaul our existing billing and payment management system. The new system was launched in 2019. We have recently made some additional customer facing enhancements to our new billing management system that make it easier than ever to manage multiple subscriptions and domains in one account.

Subscription Management Improvements:

  • Multi-subscription renewal (Select any combination of subscriptions / domains for renewal) This makes renewals even easier than before, because you are no longer required to check out multiple times to complete multiple renewals. You can do them all at once, in one transaction.
  • Multi-select subscriptions for bulk update of default payment method. Do you need to update the credit card on file across multiple subscriptions? It is as easy as a few clicks now.
  • Easily assign unique payment methods to each subscription. Would you like to have multiple payment options across different subscriptions? You now have the ability to!
  • We now support the ability to renew a canceled subscription, without having to reactivate the subscription first. Do you want to renew a subscription that was deactivated? Simply choose the deactivated subscription and checkout to reactivate it.
  • PDF invoices for refunds are now available in your No-IP account. This will make tracking refunds even easier.
  • Improved subscriptions renewal and expiration notifications. Missing a notice to renew your subscription can be detrimental to your domain and DNS services. Never miss a notification again with our newly formatted emails.
  • Email notifications are now sent when you cancel a subscription. Cancellation confirmations are now sent via email to let you know the subscription was cancelled successfully.
  • Improved internal tools to allow Customer Success to assist customers faster. Our award-winning Customer Success team now has even more tools to assist you faster.
  • We now support payments with PayPal e-wallet balances. This means checking out with Paypal is an even easier process than ever before.

We hope you find all the upgrades to our billing system beneficial. Have questions or need help? Please do not hesitate to contact us by opening a support ticket, or giving us a call. (775-853-1883)