No-IP and Angelcam Have Partnered to Make Viewing Your Cameras from Anywhere Even Easier

No-IP and Angelcam have partnered to make viewing your cameras from anywhere even easier.

At No-IP, we’re always looking for ways to provide our customers with products and services that enrich the No-IP experience. Because of this, we have decided to partner with Angelcam,  a company focused on making the world safer by providing a platform that connects your camera securely and easily to the cloud, without the need for any special software or hardware, and a means to view your security cameras from anywhere across the globe.

We’re excited to offer our customers this partnership to further fulfill our company goal of providing a rich and user-friendly IP camera experience.

What Angelcam offers:
– View all your cameras at any time, from any device (on your mobile device,  Angelcam Viewer mobile app, or computer via
– Store recordings from your camera(s) to the cloud and have them accessible anytime you need them
– Download shareable video clips from your recordings
– Get notifications every time your camera goes offline
– Broadcast from your camera publicly on Angelcam’s domain

Angelcam is a secure, easy-to-use platform which let’s you get even more out of your security camera(s) with their app catalog, including the Broadcasting and Cloud Recording apps.

The Cloud Recording app allows you to store footage from 3 days to 2 years, so you never miss a moment. With the Broadcasting app you can easily share your stream with anyone, around the world, and even embed your feed into a website. Best of all, there are many more Angelcam Apps on their way in the near future.

As a way to celebrate this new partnership, Angelcam is offering a 5% discount on all Angelcam app store purchases for No-IP customers!

Through our partnership, the process of connecting to Angelcam and taking advantage of all they have to offer, including their apps,  has been made even easier with the implementation of an easy-to-remember hostname and the ability to connect regardless of whether or not you have a dynamic IP address.

Sound interesting? Let’s connect your camera now.

Don’t have a camera yet? Angelcam and No-IP work with all IP cameras. Get one now.

If you have any questions regarding the Angelcam service, connecting your camera, or choosing the right app, check out these FAQs.