[SCAM] Beware of Southwest Airlines Facebook Scam

Another Facebook scam is running rampant.  At first glance, the page that can be seen here looks real.  The Southwest Airline logo and colors are present, as is Facebook Social Plugin with everyone gushing about how they love Southwest Airlines and thank you for the free tickets. The thing that people aren’t gushing about, is that the page and promotion are a total scam.

Upon Liking and Sharing the Southwest Airline promotion on your wall, you are prompted to enter all of your personal information, including mailing address and phone number.  It then tells you that you must participate in two other offers first, in order to receive your free tickets.

And this is where the fun ends.

Once you realize that you have fallen victim to the scam, you can quickly erase the shared link on your wall (to save your friends from falling victim too), but it’s too late for your personal information. It is now in the hands of scammers and criminals.

A friend of mine was the one who alerted me to this scam.  He had fallen victim to it himself.  (He is a tech guy and he can’t believe he fell for it) He said that 10 minutes after entering his information, he had already received 2 phone calls from scammers trying to enter him into another promotion. He quickly hung up.

So, please be careful out there! The Internet is a scary place, full of scam artists and criminals just waiting for you to slip up! Always double check the URL, don’t click links in emails, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Have you ever fallen victim to a scam like this? Leave your comments below!