2000-2010: How Web Technology Changed the Way We Work

2000-2010 brought about some rapid advances in enterprise technology.  From cloud computing to SaaS, small and large businesses alike became equipped with cheaper, more efficient programs to conduct their operations.  Improvements in web technology and the increased availability of information leveled the playing field for start-ups, entrepreneurs and virtual companies to compete with the “big guys” as an era of “collaboration” and “wikis” took the world by storm.   Employees and business owners chose to work smarter rather than harder as competition in the service industry skyrocketed.  And as Thomas Friedman predicted so eloquently, the world got flatter, and in this new world we developed new markets that spanned both coast and country lines.  The ability of businesses to evolve on pace with technology quickly determined their success or demise, as departments that once had no tangent with IT found themselves reliant on it for daily operations.

It’s been an exciting decade of advancement and accomplishment in the ever-expanding field of web technology– a field that lies at the core of many businesses operating in many industries.  No-IP  is proud to be equipped with the latest systems and infrastructure to power these companies, and we look forward to what the next 10 years has in store for us.