5 Reasons You Need Managed DNS

On the Fifth Day of DNS No-IP Gives to You! 5 Reasons You Need Managed DNS! 

You are a new business owner with a great website, lots of potential clients…and a sluggish network.

This slow network can cause downtime. And when that happens a lack of staff, money and time can mean your website is down even longer. In a business, where time means money, this is the worst possible scenario. So how can you prevent this from happening in 2016?

The answer is simple…No-IP’s Managed DNS.

19 Points of Presence 

At No-IP, we have 19 points of presence meaning that your customers always have the fastest connection possible. We have points of presences in some of the biggest cities in the world, including Los Angeles and Tokyo. When your user goes online they are connected to the server closest to them. This means your websites pages will load fast with little to no lag time.

100% Uptime Guarantee 

Our points of presence and Anycast network prevent downtime. With our Anycast network you are automatically using the closest server to your location whenever you connect. We have 19 points of presences strategically placed around the globe meaning you can rest assured you are not connecting to a server on the opposite side of the world. If one of our servers is unreachable you are automatically connected to the next closest server.  There are no upsides to downtime so we do all we can to guarantee 100% uptime.

Query Free

During the holidays many companies see a rise in website visits. Some DNS companies charge you based on the amount of queries you use. So when your have a surge in traffic, you have to worry about how much more you will be charged for the extra DNS queries. Not with No-IP, we don’t charge you by how many queries you use a month.

Expert Support 

We offer support via phone and email, connecting you to No-IP’s experienced support staff. They are available to answer questions or walk you through any problem you have with your account. They are passionate about their work and willing to help you with all your DNS inquiries. We also offer and extensive, online  Knowledge Base filled with user guides, tech terms and answers to frequently asked questions.

Cost Effective 

We know that an hour of downtime can cost your company hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That is why we offer No-IP’s Plus Managed DNS for only $24.95 a year. For less than $25 you get everything mentioned above, plus you can use your own domain name* (with domain registration or transfer $32.95)  and use up to 50 hostnames.

Above all that you get the most reliable DNS on the market and over 15 years of experience. 22 millions users trust No-IP. Use Managed DNS and make sure your website is always fast and always available!

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