Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are a great way to increase the value of your company, by adding an extra layer of security to your customers and boosting the website’s SEO.  It is especially important to have HTTPS since Google announced that it would affect companies search engine rankings.

Don’t know what an SSL certificate is? Let me explain. SSL stands for secure socket layer. This means that your domain is given a secure connection between it,  the internet browser and the web server. This allows websites to transmit private data online. You can tell what websites have an SSL because the HTTP will end with an S, making it an HTTPS. 

So what are the advantages of doing this for your site?

Encryption/ Verification 

This is probably the biggest benefit of owning an SSL. The extra layer of encryption shows your visitors that your website is safe for them to submit their credit card number and other personal data. Your visitor’s data will now be transmitted over an encrypted connection to the site and other won’t be able to see what is being sent. 

The SSL also checks that the information it receives is coming from the expected domain. So when your customer sends personal or private information, the certificate guarantees it is being sent to the secure site, and not to a potentially malicious one.

Assures Data Integrity

When data is sent in a plain text format it can be read when it is sent between the server and the browser. This means that someone can get access to the information and then change it before it ever gets sent to the browser. The user is none the wiser, but the hacker now has manipulated the data for their benefit. With an SSL, this becomes much harder as the data is not sent in plain text, but is sent in an encrypted, unreadable format.

Boosts SEO

The Google machine wants to make sure they send users to sites that are secure and safe to use. Because of this, they are making the HTTPS connection a ranking signal. So now if a site has an HTTPS it will rank higher than a site with a simple HTTP.

Though this is not a trade-off for high-quality content and the right keywords, it is still helpful. What I mean by that is if there are two sites that are equal in every way, except one uses an SSL, that site will rank 1, while the other ranks 2.

Gains Your Customers Trust

When you use an SSL, your domain shows up with an HTTPS and a lock icon, signifying the site is secure. This helps customers feel safe when they are on your site and makes them feel comfortable handing over sensitive information, like credit card and social security numbers.

SSL certificates range in price from $70 for a Quick SSL to $450 for Wildcard. You can learn more about what each certificate does and how you can purchase one today on our website. Do you already own an SSL? Let us know why you chose to purchase one in the comments below.