The Benefits of No-IP’s Managed Access Platform

No-IP’s new Managed Access platform provides remote access via Dynamic DNS on your custom domain. There is no hardware required as No-IP is already integrated in most internet connected devices. We make security installations easy by streamlining hostname setup and providing your on-site technicians with Dynamic DNS and Port Forwarding support. You can provide your clients with the remote access they need, under your own branded portal, all powered by one of the world leaders in Dynamic DNS.

The benefits of Managed Access are vast and include branded domains and easy set up. But those aren’t all. Check out all the benefits of Managed Access below.

Installation Support

Our years of Dynamic DNS and Port Forwarding experience, paired with on demand availability, help security providers overcome setup pitfalls. When installers need assistance, our expert support technicians can remotely access the installation site and complete port forwarding and Dynamic DNS setup.

Branded Access

Managed Access provides remote access via Dynamic DNS on your custom domain. You can use your own devices which are already integrated with No-IP’s Dynamic DNS.  Your custom domain will work with all your hostnames, creating names like

No-IP’s Reliable DNS and 15 Years of Experience

Since 1999, No-IP has been one of the most trusted names in DNS. We have 19 points of presence across the globe, meaning your customers will never experience any downtime. As the world leader in Dynamic DNS, we pride ourselves on our reliability. You can feel at ease knowing No-IP is responsible for all your remote access services.

Ease of Use

Managed Access is so simple to use. The hostname creation is streamlined into just a few easy steps. This drastically reduces the time it takes to set up each account. Giving you more time to focus on the customer. Managing hostnames and user accounts is now easier than ever. Our Account Management page allows you to view an account overview of hostnames within your account, all while being able to easily perform admin functions like updating an IP address, resetting a password or adding/deleting a hostname/device.

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