Beware of Security Camera Breaches

Security and Control at your Fingertips

Rule of Thumb: Always work smarter, not harder. Thankfully, it is easy to find apps and end devices that allow you to take control of your life from afar. If you are expecting a package to be delivered to your door, need to make sure your dog is well-behaved at home, or want to ensure no intruders are looking through your windows, you can use cameras to your advantage. With all their unique settings and features, you can have them send you notifications, contact authorities, or provide an extensive footage history. Having that knowledge and power at your fingertips is a great way to maintain control over your life and keep an eye on those you love.

Set-up and Security in a Breeze

It is not hard to find so many different options for security cameras. For decades, homeowners have been setting up security cameras in and around their homes: They would link long lengths of cables and drill holes into walls in order to connect their cameras with their hard drives or designated control centers. Eventually, cameras became wireless and more accessible to install, and sure enough, anyone, even novice tech users, can buy, set up, and access their security cameras with several brands to choose from. Furthermore, many companies provide the footage via the cloud, giving users immediate access to old footage within seconds and a setup that asks for only a few prompts. It is difficult to ignore the message of ease and competitive pricing when shopping for security cameras.

On top of advertising, it is easy to find lists from reputable publications that rank the brands and models they stand by in detail. If you are shopping around for security cameras, you have a plethora of resources to do your research. These days, it is easy to flip through these articles on your phone as you are standing at the checkout line or processing your cart online.

Not All that Glitters is Secure

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that have squandered not only user trust but have been taken off recommendation lists from reputable sources after not weeks or months but years of hiding or downplaying security breaches to their users. Imagine having the last three years of footage of your driveway, living room, or even your baby’s crib in the hands of sinister eyes. Furthermore, the solutions that were provided to users, such as discontinuing outdated versions of models or enforcing new software updates, still would not resolve the security issues. Undoubtingly, users were outraged at the lack of accountability and pitiful solutions.

Accidents happen, and no one is perfect. However, the most crucial part of a company is how they respond to a crisis. It is there in the details that we see if a company values its users’ trust or not. Sadly, we have seen time and time again that with these big brands that promise an easy setup and equally secure cloud application, they are all talk and no substance.

No-IP to the Rescue!

No-IP has published a number of thought expert articles in various publications regarding the myths of cloud applications and how DDNS is detrimental to ensuring your network’s security. Using a Managed DNS service to connect your security cameras to your personal hard drive is the safest and most trusted way to access such private footage in a snap. So long as you are mindful of your open ports and do your due diligence with making sure your cameras are password protected, you can rest assured that you are operating your cameras in the most responsible way.

As we stated in a previous blog, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) “is a technology that establishes a secure and encrypted connection between your device and the internet. This connection is routed through a remote server operated by the VPN provider, effectively masking your IP address and encrypting your online activities.” This is the best way of keeping your connection safe from hackers but still allows you full accessibility. Thankfully, No-IP has a partnership with IPVanish to provide an exclusive offer to our users to get two years of IPVanish for just $2.49 per month!

Don’t Let Security Camera Breaches Get You Down

Whether you are a No-IP user or not, we have published a number of blogs and an extensive Knowledge Base providing our users as much information as possible for making mindful decisions when it comes to investing in security cameras, but also best practices for keeping your network safe. Furthermore, our awesome Customer Support team is happy to discuss any questions or hang-ups you might be wrestling with as you look for the best ways to manage your cameras. You should never let these big companies that over-promise and under-deliver deter you from managing your security cameras.