Celebrating Shauna’s 4th Work Anniversary at No-IP!

The No-IP team would like to congratulate one of our exemplary Customer Success Reps, Shauna Woodward, on a happy 4th anniversary at No-IP!

If you are one of our users and have contacted our Customer Support via phone, email, or ticket, chances are you have probably worked with Shauna and experienced her bubbly personality.

Jenny Baker, the Customer Success Supervisor here at No-IP, has this to share about Shauna:

Shauna not only brings a long history of customer service and technical experience to the No-IP Customer Success team, but she also brings compassion and a desire to help others. She encourages everyone to donate their time, education, or skills to help create a better world and reminds us to be kind to each other.
Shauna contributes to the success of the team by prioritizing the needs of the customers, striving for continual improvement, and effectively providing information clearly and directly. She is creative, contributes a unique perspective, and practices innovative thinking.

This goes to show that Shauna is a lot more than just a Customer Success advocate – she incorporates each of No-IP’s company core values:

  • Get S* Done: We have highlighted her work organizing and managing numerous community cleanups in our Earth Day blog. What started out as a way to shake off the quarantine blues turned into a continuous community event spanning different volunteer groups in the greater area of Truckee, NV. She inspires the No-IP team and the greater community with her contagious enthusiasm.
  • Bring Up Others: Shauna is one of those people you can count on to remember and celebrate important dates or milestones of other people at the company, not just the Customer Success team. She brings the same amount of exuberance both in person and online.
  • Always Be Learning: After four years at No-IP and understanding the ins and outs of DDNS, Shauna still exudes an attitude that is open-minded and receptive to learning new features within the company and the industry as a whole.
  • Collaborate: Our different teams commonly come together to find solutions for our customers, and Shauna is no exception. A constant point-person across different teams, Shauna always lends an ear and gives sound advice whenever asked.
  • Have Fun: Whether it is a community clean-up or a No-IP team get-together, you can expect Shauna to bring the party wherever she goes! Armed with a music playlist and a zest for life, it is easy to understand why people gravitate toward her.

To learn more about our values, take a look at one of our past blog posts here.

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