Connecting People: No-IP User Success Stories

Connecting the Digital Dots: How Our No-IP Users Get More Than Just Customer Support

Over the years, we have found every opportunity to hype up our awesome US-based Customer Support team, not just because we want our users to take advantage of their care, but because they deserve the praise. We are so thankful to have a team of kind, smart, and creative individuals who work well together and other teams within No-IP to help resolve issues or enhance user success. We also have them to thank for continuously updating our extensive Knowledge Base that has served our team and the No-IP community for years.

Take a look below at a couple of user success stories the Customer Support team shared:

Staying Connected Can Be Easy

Shauna, one of the members of our Customer Success Team, shared that we get a number of young users who create Support tickets asking how to use No-IP’s hostnames to allow friends from around the globe to connect to their self-hosted servers. These are users that are wanting to connect with friends for things such as Discord and Minecraft. For these users, they are able to give them specific instructions to help them set up additional advanced records to allow remote connections successfully.

This goes to show that you don’t need to be a highly educated IT Administrator in order to utilize No-IP’s services. Even if you try to follow the steps and find yourself stuck or need extra feedback on how to best manage your IP network, you have a friendly Customer Success Rep within reach.

Connection Over the Ocean

Jenny, our Customer Support Manager, has an interesting story to share about a user who contacted the team from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. The user had problems accessing their Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) during their cruise. He did not have any cellular service and was at the mercy of the ship’s wifi. They verified they connected to the cameras before the trip and were surprised to find that the connection didn’t work midway through the cruise. Jenny suspected that it was a network limitation that was causing the issue. She did a DIG Lookup to find out which IP address the hostname was resolving to and used it toward her investigation.

She offered a number of solutions that would require someone access to his machine at home to check and verify the correct IP address of the cameras’ location, but unfortunately, no one could. Not easily deterred, Jenny went into the user’s logs and hypothesized that the Dynamic Update Client (DUC) was set up on the laptop the user brought with him on vacation. When you have a hostname with No-IP, you must set up a DUC at the network of the camera system. Therefore, the reason the user wasn’t able to connect to his CCTV at home was because No-IP was receiving the cruise ship’s IP address instead of his cameras’ network.

The next issue was figuring out the IP address of the cameras’ network. Jenny mused that the correct IP address may be in the email headers he was receiving from his computer at home, the one to which his CCTV was connected. Turned out she was correct! The user was able to enter the right information and immediately was related to his cameras. He did not have to wait until he got back on land to regain his connection.

The user was so appreciative that he left Jenny a rave review. User reviews are not mandatory, but they are always appreciated.

Professionalism and Politeness go a Long Way

When reviewing our user feedback, it is hard not to notice the persistent emphasis on how our team handles their problems with professionalism and politeness. There is nothing more frustrating that when you try to get help from a Customer Support team only to be met with condescending and vague resolutions and instructions, or having to wait days or weeks to for someone to respond back to you. Our Customer Support Reps, such as Aden, not only provide resolutions for user issues, but also suggestions on how to prevent those issues in the future.

For example, Aden helped a user who subscribed to our free Dynamic DNS service that includes one free hostname. The user was having trouble with their email and could not confirm their hostname in time, and did their due diligence to check their spam folder, which was empty. Aden not only confirmed the hostname on the user’s behalf but also took the time to verify if the No-IP confirmation emails were successfully being sent to them. When he did, they concluded that there was an issue with the user’s mail server that wasn’t allowing them to receive the emails. The user praised Aden for getting his issue resolved quickly but also for providing educated suggestions on how to move forward and prevent lost emails.

Connection and Community Is Key

At No-IP, we value our connections with our users and strive for their success and independence using our services and products. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t welcome any and all questions and feedback. The more we work with our users, the better we can fine-tune No-IP to allow our users to unlock the potential of the internet, whether they are aware of it or not.