Customer Profile : Black Rock Concepts

We would like to highlight one of our awesome customers, Black Rock Concepts.

Black Rock is a Video Surveillance and Technical Service company that is a client of No-IP. The owner, Erik, took a few moments out of his day last week to tell us a little but about how he uses No-IP and why he thinks we are so awesome.  Black

What do you use No-IP for?
I use No-IP as a service which has 2 MAJOR benefits to my customers. They can have a sense of identity in that they have a “” for the service I provide. It it a nice amenity to my service for my clients to not have to remember IP address numbers also.

The best feature is that I set some of my clients Video Surveillance systems to report to No-IP Dynamic DNS service which fixes 100% of the problems with dynamic IP addresses in many business locations.  I have seen these change in some locations each day. This is no longer a problem because with No-IP, my system reports to No-IP for each client, every 300 seconds. Which means no more down time ………..EVER!

How many years have you been using No-IP?
I have been using No-IP for 2 years.

How did you hear about us?
After spending too much time trying to set up a few different services, I was directed to No-IP by an Industry leading manufacturer of camera and DVR equipment.

What products are you currently using and how?
At this moment I am using Enhanced Dynamic DNS.

Can you tell us a little about your business and your experience using our services?
Black Rock Concepts uses No-IP for the Dynamic IP address issue that most clients have.

When I contact No-IP, I almost always get a real person quickly, they are truly helpful and take interest in whatever issue you need assistance with. I have only needed to call 3 times and each one of those times, I felt that they were part of my team.

Are you a technical person? If not, how did you setup the products that you are using? Did someone help you or did you use our Support Section for help?
I am a very technical person, but DDNS forwarding was fairly new to me 2 years ago. One year ago when I switched to No-IP, I had no trouble setting up my accounts. I started with the free service and liked it so much that I upgraded after 2 weeks.

What is your favorite thing about No-IP?
My favorite thing about No-IP aside from ease of use and friendly staff, is RELIABILITY. ZERO down time!

Has No-IP made your life easier, or saved you money over the last 10 years? If so, how?
No-IP has absolutely made my life easier, given me an edge and top notch service offerings for my clients!

Thanks Erik! We love hearing from our users about ways our dynamic DNS service helps them. Do you use No-IP for something cool, or does No-IP help your business? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Want to be featured in our next Customer Profile? Drop me an email! ngoguen-profile[at]no-ip[dot]com.