What is Remote Access and How Can I Use It?

remote access

Remote access is the ability to access a computer or device remotely. It sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it can be, but it can also be kind of tricky. Lots of people use remote access to access files on a computer while they are away from the office, or their home and some people even use it to monitor an IP camera to ensure their business or home are safe while they are away. At the No-IP office, we use it to monitor our security cameras and also to watch our Reef Tank while we are away.

The biggest problem with remote access is that most people have a dynamic IP address, which makes configuring remote access difficult. A dynamic IP address is one that is not static, it changes from time to time. Some people have a dynamic IP address that changes a few times a day, some have one that only changes a few times a year, but either way, this is the biggest hindrance we find with remote access.

Why though? A dynamic IP address is a problem because when you access your computer remotely, you access it using the IP address. So, if you want to access your computer and your IP address of your computer is, then you would type that into your browser. But since most people have dynamic IP addresses, that number can change, and if it does and you aren’t aware of it, you will not be able to access your device or computer.

A simple explanation of how a dynamic IP address works:

Your home phone number or cell phone number is 867.5309. That is the number that people use to call you.  Your number is always the same, so people always know how to get a hold of you. Now, imagine if your phone number changed all the time. It could change once day, a few times a week, or a few times a year. How would people get a hold of you if your number changed? It wouldn’t be very simple, would it? With Dynamic DNS, you use a hostname, e.g. yourname.ddns.net that points to your phone number (IP address). When the phone number changes, it is detected on our side and your hostname is updated with the correct number.

Our Free Dynamic DNS service takes your dynamic IP address and points it to a free static hostname. If your IP address changes, our Dynamic Update Client detects the change and quickly updates your hostname with the new IP address. You no longer need to remember a complicated, ever-changing IP address and your remote access is always available via the same easy to remember hostname.

So, how can you easily configure your computer, or device to be accessed from anywhere? You can use our Free Dynamic DNS service to assign an easy to remember hostname to your annoying dynamic IP address.

Check out these helpful support documents for more information about accessing your computer, or device remotely.

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Do you use No-IP to access your computer or device remotely?

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