What to do before updating to iOS7


iOS7 will be released tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 18th.

We have all heard the horror stories of losing contacts, photos, music after an update to your software, so if you plan on updating, you should take a few minutes to manually backup your phone just in case disaster strikes.

Backing up your phone.
1.  If you are using iCloud, you can simply go to ‘Settings’, ‘iCloud’, and then choose ‘Storage and Backup’ at the bottom. Hit ‘Back Up Now’ this process could take a while to run, but it will save all of your important data, so it is worth it. *Tip: On the ‘Storage and Backup’ page you can toggle which applications get backed up, turn off applications you do not wish to backup. iphone back upsettings screenshot

2. If you are not using iCloud to backup your data, connect your phone to the computer that you usually backup your phone to. iTunes and iPhoto will automatically launch. Right-click the device in iTunes under Devices and select ‘Back Up’. You can also back it up by clicking the file menu and select ‘Devices’, ‘Back Up’.

Do you plan on updating to iOS7 tomorrow? What is your favorite new feature?