DNS Uptime Guaranteed, Even If a Blizzard Hits

Last week, we received our first major snowfall in Reno. Do you know if your website’s DNS will be able to withstand a blizzard? Having a managed DNS solution in place will ensure that your website will experience 100% uptime even during a natural disaster, but how?

If your websites DNS is managed by No-IP and your website is configured properly, your DNS will not experience downtime if a disaster hits a certain area of the United States or world. Because No-IP has points of presence in over 16 locations worldwide, our robust anycast DNS network will not be affected by blizzards, power outages or flooding caused by a natural disaster because our network is globally redundant.

What does globally redundant mean? It means that all data that is hosted at one server location, is also hosted at our 16 other locations across the globe and since our network is backed by our Anycast DNS, if one of these datacenters were to go down, the traffic will just be routed through the next nearest location. Guaranteeing uptime!

Please remember  DNS is an essential part of the Internet.  If your web servers are only hosted in one location, and something happens, your entire website can be wiped out. Having DNS that is hosted in many geographically diverse locations, like ours, means that even if the unthinkable happens, your customers and visitors will still be able to reach your site.

The location of DNS servers is important in ensuring 100% uptime. We deploy name servers across the globe at geographically unique datacenters using different tier 1 bandwidth providers to ensure a natural disaster or connectivity outage does not disrupt our robust DNS network. Check out No-IP Plus DNS for more information.