Domain Management Concepts: Thinking Strategically About DNS

Many times, it’s only after a DNS has come under attack or after it has suffered unwanted downtime that we start thinking strategically about DNS.

DNS is an integral component of your overall website strategy.  Individuals and enterprises alike spend valuable resources creating and promoting their brands and forget about managing perhaps the most important aspect of it – their domain name.

Below are a few tips you can exercise that will allow you to mitigate risk to your domain

Educate users: Many times domains are hijacked due to human error.  It’s important to educate yourself and your web team on the various sophisticated social engineering attacks designed to uncover passwords and other confidential information.

Address vulnerabilities:  Popular DNS software makes fertile hunting ground for bug-hunters, leading to the necessity for regular upgrades.  As a best practice, domain managers should incorporate name servers into existing patching regimes with just as high a priority as any other critical system.

Increase security and backup: Cyber and denial of service attacks are increasingly commonplace in today’s digital world.  Take the proper precautions ahead of time by investing in the right services to protect your website from theft or any other unwanted downtime.

Following these basic guidelines will help protect your personal or enterprise investment and keep your website running as intended.

So are you thinking strategically about DNS?

Questions or comments?  Have any to add?