How to Setup a Home FTP Server with a Dynamic IP Address

FTP sites (which stands for File Transfer Protocol) are great for file sharing and the ability to access and edit files remotely over an IP-based network.   You can easily download music, videos, and other large files that would normally be impossible to share via email.

The only trouble is many ISPs only offer dynamic IP addresses, making it nearly impossible for users to find the FTP site using the same IP address.  A solution? Use Dynamic DNS service  (DDNS) to redirect your IP.

In this instance, the Dynamic DNS acts as a proxy, allowing users to type in a simple, static URL which routes to the correct IP address for the FTP site.

Sounds technical, but it’s really quite simple – check out our easy guide to learn how to setup your own FTP server.

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  1. Disclaimer: I am a long time customer and also use CrushFTP as well. I do not work for nor get paid by either in any way. I am simply a satisfied customer of both.

    I would recommend using CrushFTP with No-IP as CrushFTP software directly supports No-IP Dynamic DNS solutions and is simple and easy to setup both on Mac OS X and PC/Windows desktop and server. I have had great success with both versions…and there is a Home version which is reasonably priced.

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