[MAC OSX] Cool Hidden Easter Eggs!

Check out these cool Easter eggs… Do you know one that isn’t listed? Leave it in the comments! Enjoy!

Important Dates in History
1. Open the Terminal.app. You can find it in the Applications folder > Utilities or hit the command+space bar, this will open the finder in the top right corner of your screen. Type Terminal there, and it will bring it up.
2. Paste the following into Terminal: cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.history

The result is a list of significant dates in history, one for almost every day of the year.

Play Tetris in Terminal
The following will load a version of the game Tetris that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of every nostalgic video gamer, or kid at heart right in your Terminal!

Load Terminal (command + space bar, search for Terminal in Finder)
1. Type “emacs” hit enter/return
2. Press ESC + X at the same time
3. Type “Tetris”
4. Play and Enjoy!
5. Hit control-x then control-c to exit emacs  (control-z will also work)

Play Snake in Terminal
Ah… The good old days, which mostly consisted of playing Snake on my old black and white Nokia cell phone…

Load Terminal again
1. Type “emacs” hit enter/return
2. Press ESC + X at the same time
3. Type “snake”
4. Play and Enjoy!
5. Show your children and prepare for the laughs. Dad, this is really how your video games looked?! Now, explain how when you were a kid there was hardly any time for video games and that you use to walk to school 5 miles a day up a hill in your bare feet… (not really, but just for added effect!)
6. Hit control-x then control-c to exit emacs  (control-z will also work)

Weather in Nowhere?
Head to your dashboard… If you don’t have the Weather Widget there, you can add it by hitting the plus at the bottom left of the dashboard.
Hold down Command+Option at the same time while clicking on the Sun or whatever weather icon is shown in the widget. Your city should now say Nowhere. If you continue to hold down Command+Option and click the weather icon, you can see all of the different types of weather icons that are able to be depicted.(snow, hail, the sun, rain, lightning, etc.) Now you can “make it rain” whenever you want!

Star Wars Episode IV in ASCII
Open Terminal and type:
telnet towel.blinkenlights.n

  1. Max

    Open Terminal and type:
    telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

    to watch Star Wars Episode IV in ASCII

  2. Daniel

    Star wars in ASCII is not part of the OS eastern eggs… even in windows you can telnet and “watch” the movie…

  3. Rafael Gaspar

    Sorry, but none of this are Mac OS X easter eggs, the 2 from Emacs are in fact easter eggs, but Emacs has nothing to do with Apple or Mac OS X, it just happen to come with it.

    The calendar.history file is not an easter egg, it’s there so developers can have a shared history calendar instead of each app maintaining theirs.

    Showing the weather from Nowhere, Oklahoma, is definitely not an easter egg.

    And connecting to an external telnet server that happens to stream an ASCII art movie is also not an easter egg.

    Apple always had a very strict policy on easter eggs, and only recently that they started adding a few, like on Siri for example.

    Please don’t try to trick people with misleading titles.

  4. Mauricio

    these are, by no meanings, mac osx easter eggs! only the weather widget may be. Please do your homework

  5. Nice easter eggs, but the title can be misleading as the Calendar and Weather ones are the only ones from OSX. The others can be done in Linux as well, because it is an easter egg from Emacs itself, not from OSX. But interesting anyway, thank you.

  6. not really an osx easter egg, more of an easter egg of that website…

  7. John Pietro

    Eas·ter egg
    an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus.

    Star Wars in ASCII Is not a Mac easter egg! You may view the animation through the Mac terminal, but the animation is generated on someones remote server through a telnet session. The animation is not a hidden feature of MacOS at all!

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