Cost of a Static IP Address

Static IP’s: The cost, benefits, and a more affordable alternative

Having a stable and unchanging connection is often crucial for businesses and individuals alike. This need for consistency might push you to look into purchasing a static IP address. However, a static IP comes with a hefty price tag – when in reality, there is a more convenient and affordable alternative.

What is a static IP?

A static IP, or Internet Protocol address, is a fixed and unchanging numeric label assigned to a device on a network. Unlike a dynamic IP, which can change every time a device connects to the network, a static IP remains constant. So, when devices on the network chat with each other, having a static IP makes sure they stay connected. It’s like a special tag that helps find and recognize each device.

How much does a static IP cost?

They are typically only offered by ISPs to business clients and sometimes to residential users – but for a cost. How much would a static IP address cost though? We went ahead and collected a few of the major ISPs costs so you can see for yourself.
  • Brightdata $10.05 per GB
  • Surfshark monthly VPN package + $3.75/month for static IP add on
  • Private Internet Access $11.95/month
  • Cyber Ghost VPN $12.99 + $2.50/month for static IP add on
  • AT&T $15 to $40/month
  • Verizon Business Account Needed Starting at $99.95/month
  • Nordlayer +$50/month

Why buy a static IP?

Static IPs offer benefits for both individuals and businesses, providing faster, more reliable connections for hosting websites and game servers, just to name a few. Businesses in particular can find a fixed IP useful for hosting email servers or managing domain names because of its ability to maintain accessibility and minimize disruptions. Having a singular IP address also eliminates a wide variety of issues remote workers face when trying to access certain network resources like servers, shared drives, and location-sensitive applications. However, it’s important to remember that there is an alternative that provides the same outcome – while maintaining the features, reliability, and performance associated with static IPs. Even better, it comes with the added advantage of lower costs and increased flexibility.

Why is the price of static IP so high?

The cost of static IP addresses, generally higher than dynamic counterparts, is influenced by a few things. Its higher cost, in part, has to do with the Intricate setup and configuration that is often required, leading providers to charge a premium for static IPs and their technical support. The obsolescence of IPv4 has also driven up static IP prices due to the dwindling availability of addresses. The rise of IPv6’s extensive address space has made dynamic DNS a more popular option, offering stable remote access without the cost constraints associated with IPv4 static IPs.

Dynamic DNS is a better alternative to static IPs

Should you buy a static IP address? The short answer: probably not, at least not before you consider the alternatives. Unlike an expensive static IP, which remains constant, No-IP’s Enhanced DDNS dynamically updates DNS records in real-time, ensuring that users can access their devices or services from anywhere even when the IP address changes. The adaptive nature of No-IP’s Dynamic DNS guarantees accessibility without the need for manual intervention, allowing you the benefits of a static IP minus the rigidity and pricier cost. No-IP’s Enhanced DDNS not only simplifies the management of dynamic IP addresses but also provides an extra layer of protection against potential cyber threats by making it more challenging for malicious actors to predict and target fixed IP addresses. This dynamic aspect reduces the risk of unauthorized access and enhances the overall security posture of online operations. Due to the points mentioned earlier in this post, static IP addresses can also be quite an investment. In contrast, our Enhanced DDN costs only $1.99 a month with a host of accompanying benefits including +80 domain choices, scaleable hostnames, 24-hour live support and more all on our trusted anycast DNS network. If you’re still on the fence, try out our free Dynamic DNS first. No trial or credit card needed! Fix your pesky IP address problems with No-IP’s Enhanced Dynamic DNS today!
  1. Atul Godhwani

    though I had initially taken no-ip, the cost of static ip in India is 20 usd per year. Thus the saving for basic static ip is not much.

  2. Hi,

    After receiving this advert I am interested in purchasing a static IP for $15/year.

    Can you please confirm how it works. The way I understand it is that I will run the no-ip client application which will constantly update my standard ISP’s dynamic IP address and will communicate back to your DNS updating the static IP which I will be purchasing from you and in turn that static IP will just always point to my latest dynamic IP ? Is this correct ?


  3. DJS

    My local ISP Midcontinent Cable is at $25.00 per month for a static IP

  4. Bob

    Time is money. Not only are you guys saving me the fee my ISP would charge, but you’re saving me the time of finding out how much it would be! You’re doing a great thing. 🙂

  5. Jamie Frost

    Here in the U.K. it saves me around $25.00 a month! No-IP is a fantastic alternative for pointing to small servers.

  6. I have just paid 20 dollars for enhanced dns I was under the impression that my ip for would not keep changing every week , it has now changed twice in three days which is worse than before. can you please explain how to make it static

  7. Alex

    @Nicola It almost works that way. You’re not buying a static IP address. They register you in their DNS server so you get a static domain name, not an IP address. The client app constantly updates the dynamic DNS service with your changing dynamic IP, so your domain name never has to change. There really is only 1 IP in the process, that is your dynamic IP. Been using the service about 1 month now, works beautifully.

  8. hello
    i need to static ip to use in DVR for remote from any ISP in world do u can Provide me with this feature in Static IP.

    with thanks

  9. Do you can work at ip in any ISP ?

  10. Minecraft Love<3

  11. Martin vincent

    I have a client by the name of David gibbs who bought a static ip address from you last he has lost his details and we need to renew his contract
    Can you help please
    Or how do we go about opening another account
    Martin vincent

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