Secure Remote Access for Small Businesses with Big Dreams

Connecting the Digital Dots: How users of small businesses used No-IP to establish secure remote access for their employees

No-IP is proud of our diverse pool of users. Whether you are a home user managing your remote security cameras, or a landlord managing the IP network for multiple properties, No-IP has various packages and services that set up our users for success. Of our array of users, a large number are owners of small businesses. We applaud our users who have found success and growth – There is nothing more exciting than seeing your hard work come to fruition! With growth comes a lot of changes, especially with managing their networks. Our Customer Success team shares some stories about users who reached out needing help:

Teeth and Technology

Shauna, one of our Customer Success reps, shared how she worked with a client from a dentist’s office that uses No-IP’s Dynamic DNS services to help manage their remote employees. The service allows the employees to gain access to their database for scheduling and tracking. The office software requires the use of an SSL certificate with a Palo Alto Networks firewall. The firewall is a fantastic security tool with many specific configuration requirements unique to each remote employee’s location. Shauna worked with the client to troubleshoot error messages the client was running into, as well as solve root certificate download issues. In the end, the client was able to talk through and resolve what could’ve been a tiresome and endless IT affair.

Pro for the Professionals

Christian, a Customer Success Rep II, found that before No-IP started offering the Pro Dynamic DNS service product, small business users would contact No-IP regarding the Plus Managed DNS service and domain registration. Christian would go through the process of walking them through setting their name servers and how to create hostnames using their own domain. Now, with Pro Dynamic DNS service, these users use their own domain and still have access to No-IP’s 80+ owned domains. The Pro Dynamic DNS service is a great option for small business users who are looking for a package that provides many relevant options as well as room for flexibility for a growing enterprise.

Making the Most out of Hostnames

Jose, another Customer Success Rep., shared a story about a small business user who recently reached out to the Customer Support team asking about how many hostnames they can create, as well as setting them up on different devices. Jose reviewed their subscription and confirmed that they had five hostnames available. Furthermore, he informed the user about using groups so that they could create separate credentials for each device. The user shared that they would use the hostnames to get the IP address for five users and allow them access through the firewall to access the work server. Jose was impressed with their creative solution, as it is one that the team hasn’t heard about.

Knowledge goes both ways when it comes to our users. While our Customer Support team has seen it all and is quick to find ways to support users best, it is still great to find new solutions thanks to our ingenious users.

No Need to Micro-Manage Your Small Business

Utilizing a managed DDNS service to help you connect to your remote devices is a superior way of ensuring your business is functioning accordingly. Still, it can be overwhelming to figure out what are the best options for you and your current network setup. If you ever need any help understanding our products and subscriptions or just need someone to talk shop with, our stellar Customer Support team is happy to help.