Employee Spotlight: Daniel – Customer Support Tech Lead at No-IP

At No-IP, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on Daniel, our Customer Support Tech Lead.

Daniel has been with No-IP for nearly 3 years and has been an integral part of our Customer Support team. In his role as Tech Lead, he plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of products and services by conducting advanced testing to identify and resolve issues. Additionally, he keeps the Customer Support team informed about outages, fixes, and changes, enabling them to respond effectively to customer inquiries. He also creates workshops to enhance the skills of the Customer Support team and produces internal and external documentation for new products and modifications. Furthermore, he processes technical inquiries from Customer Support, ensuring that all customer issues are addressed promptly and effectively. Overall, his contributions are essential to the success of the organization.

Daniel’s passion for technology and problem-solving is what drew him to No-IP in the first place. He enjoys the challenge of helping customers troubleshoot issues with their DNS settings and finding solutions that meet their needs. His ability to think creatively and find solutions to complex problems has earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and customers alike.

When asked about his experience working at No-IP, Daniel said, “No-IP is a great place to work because of the people. Everyone is committed to helping our customers and making sure that they are satisfied with our service. It’s a fast-paced environment, and we are always looking for ways to improve and grow. I feel lucky to be part of such a great team.”

In addition to his work at No-IP, Daniel enjoys playing video games such as Pokemon and Monster Hunter, as well as using his new Mirage VR headset for games like Grand Turismo and Kayak. He is also a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks and likes to cook fancy rice in his Zojirushi rice cooker. Additionally, he enjoys watching true crime and reality TV shows with his girlfriend.

At No-IP, we are proud to have Daniel as part of our team. His dedication, expertise, and passion for customer support make him an invaluable member of our organization. If you need help with your DNS settings or have a question about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team, and you may have the opportunity to work with Daniel directly!