F-Secure Releases Warning About Olympics-Themed Malware

F-Secure released a statement earlier today warning of an Olympics-Themed malware attack that is being sent via email.

Excerpt from the F-Secure website:
“The PDF exploits CVE-2010-2883, which affects older versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat. A typical PDF exploit will launch a clean decoy as part of its attack, and in this case, the decoy is a copy of the London 2012 Olympic schedule circa October 2010. The original source PDF can still be found online at: london2012.com.”

What should you do? Well for starters, take 2 minutes and update your Adobe software.  Also, as always never open links or attachments in emails from people that you do not know.  Always be sure to double check links and beware of phishing scams. Check out this article for more information on safeguarding yourself online: Go Phish! Top Tips on Protecting Yourself From Phishing.

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