Happy World WiFi Day! Bridging the Digital Divide with No-IP

The No-IP team would like to say, Happy World WiFi Day to all our users!

WiFi has become an everyday essential for so many people around the world. 5.4 billion people on earth are online, and 30 billion devices and connections will be made by the end of 2023.

June 20th of every year has been designated as World WiFi Day by the World Broadband Alliance as a means to help bridge the “digital divide”: Today, 4 billion people don’t have internet access.

The World Broadband Alliance believes:

“Access to the internet provides people in developed and developing countries the opportunity to increase their economic growth, improve their social mobility and computer literacy as well as enrich their education prospects.”

At No-IP, we believe in empowering users with the endless possibilities of the internet. One of our core values is to always bring up others. We encourage our team and users to check out the World Broadband Alliance to see how you can help bridge the digital divide, today.