No-IP’s 2022 Wrap-Up

It is a great opportunity at the end of the year to reflect on all the events that happened. Sometimes, you cannot help but remember when times were challenging, or simply did not go your way. However, when you list out the good times versus the bad, you cannot help but see that the good almost always outweighs the bad. There are always new beginnings, lucky breaks, and wins no matter how big or small.

This was no exception for the No-IP team. Each team within No-IP has had a number of accomplishments and growth that happened in 2022 that we cannot help but share:

Customer Success

Jenny Baker, our Customer Success Supervisor, had something exemplary to share about each member, as well as the Customer Success team as a whole. For our regular users, take a look below and see if you recognize some of the names of these extraordinary individuals:

  • Geraldo was hired on to the Customer Success team in June, but that doesn’t mean he is a novice to the tech industry. Geraldo’s passion is in network security because of how ever-changing the field is and how crucial it is to the day-to-day operation of technology.
  • Aden passed an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Practioner Course which involved around 15 hours of training and skill application. This certificate shows his proficiency with common AWS products like EC2 and Lambda.
  • Christian was promoted to Tier 2 Support. This means Christian handles more complex customer service and technical issues.
  • Daniel was promoted to Tech Lead. Daniel handles advanced technical requests or problems and troubleshoots technical and process issues to maintain productivity.
  • Shauna was not just a stellar Customer Success Rep – She also organized the final trash clean up around the No-IP headquarters neighborhood in Reno, Nevada which resulted in 61 (50 gallons) bags of trash total for 2022!
  • Jose completed an Ethical Hacking course at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) and is currently working on his Just Apple’s Management Framework (JAMP) Certification.
  • Jenny had a big win this year – She was honored with the Tech Star Award at the 2022 NCET Technology Showcase and Awards Gala on April 7th, 2022 in Reno, Nevada. The NCET Technology Awards celebrate the Northern Nevada individuals and companies who have greatly enhanced the growth and prestige of the technology community. In addition, Jenny also completed a Principles Of Management course at TMCC and is currently enrolled in a Leadership & Human Relations course.
  • Team Accomplishments: Our Customer Success team was busy this year! They completed a massive overhaul to the No-IP Knowledge Base: 314 Knowledge Base articles were reviewed, updated, and republished. In addition, the team solved over 44,000 tickets and 7261 calls this year.

Product Development

Kyle Beach, our VP of Product Engineering, shares some cool features and monumental strides we made this year:

  • Two-Factor Authentication:  This new feature helps keep our customers’ accounts secure by ensuring that only authorized parties can access accounts. This helps limit the impact of malicious activity because it adds a second factor of account authentication.
  • Customer Interviews:  We established a customer engagement program to hear directly from you, our customers. We would love to deep dive into your use cases and understand how we can develop products that solve your biggest challenges. Learn more about how you can help and get in touch with us.
  • Monthly Pricing:  We heard your feedback that some Dynamic DNS customers prefer monthly subscription options as well as plans that are better sized for their needs. In May 2022, we launched a new pricing model for Enhanced Dynamic DNS that starts at $1.99/month for 1 hostname!
  • Dashboard: We launched a redesigned account dashboard to help make it easier to find your DNS records, services, and subscription information.
  • Next-Generation Remote Access and DNS platform:  Throughout 2022 we have been hard at work building the next generation of our Remote Access and DNS platforms. Look out for an exciting announcement coming in 2023!


Jason Puccinelli, our VP of Operations, shares some impactful developments that the company adopted in 2022:

  • Grew the No-IP Team by four people! Each person is carefully vetted to not only add value to the team, but also uphold the company’s values.
  • Defined the Core Values that best represent No-IP’s culture:
    • Get S* Done
    • Bring Up Others
    • Always Be Learning
    • Collaborate
    • Have Fun
  • Implemented a Long Term Incentive Plan for all eligible employees
  • Implemented a hybrid working model for team members as we embrace the “new normal”.
  • Accumulated over 100 hours of community service
  • Made over $35,000 in charitable donations! Finding ways to give back to the community is a big part of No-IP’s culture. Click here to donate to our Virtual Food Drive for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada by December 20, 2022.


David Jonas, our VP of Platform and Chief Architect has a list of notable achievements from the Infrastructure team for 2022:

  • Completed moving all core services to our new data center – This is a big feat that requires a lot of time, planning and managing moving parts.
  • Completed transition to 100% Infrastructure as Code (IaC), which will make processes less manual and easier to manage.
  • Redesigned and rolled out our new office network and data center.
  • Made substantial progress on remaking our DNS platform for flexibility, performance, longevity, and new features.  Stay tuned to see what will be released in 2023!


Natalie Goguen, our Marketing Manager, provided some insight on the various accomplishments and additions the Marketing team made this year:

The Marketing Department has had a great year, in addition to all the day-to-day tasks, we created a bunch of new Marketing campaigns, planned two successful fundraising events, and had a super fun Company Holiday Party. We also ordered new company t-shirts and sweatshirts so everyone at No-IP can look extra snazzy.

The biggest accomplishment though was creating an entirely new position within the Marketing Department and hiring someone that fits that role perfectly. In late September, the Marketing Department welcomed its newest team member, Hazel, who is our Content Curator. For the past 3 months, all of the new content on our blog has come directly from Hazel. She is doing a fantastic job of creating content our customers want to read. The Marketing team is so thankful to have her on board.


Whether you are sad the year is already over, or looking forward to a fresh start next year, it is nice to look back and marvel at your growth and all you accomplished. Now let’s see what else we can do in 2023!