Is Your Site Ready For the Holiday Season Web Traffic?

As the holiday season fast approaches, you should really be thinking about your web traffic. With more and more people skipping the mall experience for online shopping, you need to make sure your site is running in tip top shape! Your bottom line will thank you later.

1. Do you manage your DNS internally? Do you have a backup hosting provider? If your primary host goes down, a second hosting provider can still divert your traffic to the right place. (Just make sure your offline settings are directed to a different IP address)

2. Monitor it! If your site goes out at 2 am, will you know immediately, or will you have to wait until 9 am when a customer finally calls in to ask whats up with your site? 5 minutes of downtime isn’t good, let alone hours! With server monitoring, you will get notifications the second something goes wrong with your site.

3. Failover support? What if your site does go down? So you are notified, but what will you do? If you have failover support, your traffic can be diverted to another IP address, web site or to a custom web page stored on our servers. When your server comes back up online, we will undo the failover settings and normal operations will continue. Your site and customers won’t miss a beat.

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