Meet No-IP’s Newest Intern Liam Gomez

This month, we welcomed a new software development intern to our team, Liam Gomez. He comes to No-IP with a tech background and the hope to work in development after graduation.

Gomez is a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Before coming to No-IP, he worked as technical support for a medical practice in the Reno area. When choosing a major, he said, Computer Science seemed like the clear choice.

“I have always loved tinkering with computers, so Computer Science was an obvious choice for me,” Gomez said. “I really enjoyed all my programming classes and decided to continue going this route.”

Gomez said he is looking forward to the challenge of working for No-IP and hopes to use it as a learning experience. He said he is excited to work for No-IP because of the people.

“It’s a great atmosphere,” he said. “Everyone is very kind and helpful.”

Outside of work Gomez enjoys playing video games, going skiing and spending time with his friends. If he were to choose a dream job, he said he would want to be a professional Counter Strike player. (That is a video game, for all those who didn’t already know!)

When asked the age old question, who would win in a fight, a shark with a laser beam on its head or a bear with titanium claws, he had a clear winner.

“Having watched Austin Powers, I’m going to have to say the shark with the frickin` laser beam on its head is definitely going to win,” he said. “Plus the bear is going to be in the water, which means its the sharks home turf.”

We are excited to have Liam on our team and can’t wait to watch him grow and learn from our development team. Welcome to No-IP!