Milestones of Dedication and Excellence: Celebrating Daniel and Jesus

Join us in a round of applause as we celebrate the remarkable work anniversaries of our exceptional team members, Daniel and Jesus, here at No-IP. Their unwavering dedication, commitment and valuable contributions have been instrumental in driving our company’s success.

First, let’s recognize Daniel, our esteemed Customer Success Tech Lead, as he marks an impressive 4th anniversary with No-IP. Daniel has made an indelible impact on various initiatives that have shaped our success throughout his tenure. His visionary leadership has propelled him to spearhead crucial internal and external documentation projects, ensuring our teams have the resources they need to excel. With his meticulous testing expertise, Daniel has played a vital role in ensuring the flawless performance of our SSL Certificates and Pro Dynamic DNS services, solidifying our position as a trusted industry leader.

Next up is Jesus, our outstanding Quality Assurance Analyst, who recently celebrated an impressive 6-year tenure with No-IP. Starting his journey in Customer Support, Jesus has continually elevated his career and now thrives as a skilled Quality Assurance Analyst. In this critical role, Jesus ensures that new features undergo meticulous testing, guaranteeing they are bug-free and ready for seamless implementation. His diligent efforts in addressing minor bugs and creating automated tests contribute to the ongoing improvement of our codebase, enhancing the overall quality and stability of our services.

We congratulate Daniel and Jesus on these significant milestones and commend their unwavering dedication and expertise. Their contributions have been vital in driving No-IP’s growth and success. We are grateful to have them as invaluable members of our team.

At No-IP, we pride ourselves on embodying our core values:

  • Get S* Done: Daniel and Jesus consistently demonstrate their dedication to accomplishing tasks and exceeding expectations.
  • Bring Up Others: They actively support and uplift their colleagues, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
  • Always Be Learning: Their unwavering curiosity and commitment to growth inspire continuous improvement within our team.
  • Collaborate: Daniel and Jesus embrace teamwork, leveraging their diverse skills and perspectives to achieve collective success.
  • Have Fun: While achieving remarkable results, they maintain a positive and enjoyable workplace atmosphere, spreading joy throughout the team.

If you want to be part of a dynamic and driven team like ours, we invite you to explore our careers page. Discover exciting opportunities that align with your passion and expertise. Join us as we continue to make a meaningful impact in the industry.

Congratulations once again to Daniel and Jesus on your dedication and these incredible milestones. We eagerly anticipate witnessing their continued success and celebrating many more achievements together at No-IP!