No-IP’s IPv6 Implementation Progress Report

A few days after World IPv6 Day (June 8th) proved that the internet is ready for IPv6 integration, we would like to give you an update as to where we are in our implementation progress here at No-IP.

Our engineers have been working hard on implementation and the process is moving right along. We have already implemented an interface for our Plus customers to add AAAA records (quad-A records) to their domain and one of our name servers is currently answering IPv6 requests.

We plan to have more implemented later in the year and we will continue to focus on making IPv6 more integrated with our services. We had planned on participating in World IPv6 Day, but unfortunately, we ran into some issues with a data center migration and peering with the proper bandwidth providers. These set backs further reiterate how many hurdles there are in order to have true IPv6 connectivity.

Thanks again for choosing No-IP!

Questions or comments about IPv6 connectivity? Leave them below!

  1. Does IPv6 allow port numbers to be appended to the IPv6 address simular to IPv4 (192168.1.5:53633) and if so will you implement that feature?

    I’m currently using your IPv6 features on my test bed and really appreciate the early capability (one reason I renewed my account). Every thing works really well from my perspective. Response time is very good.


  2. You folks do good work……!!!


  3. Lee

    It is so hard to deliver complete ipv6 solutions these days, and I can say that my own personal network is ipv6 compliant with your help as my dns. The telecom company I use doesn’t handle ipv6 as a client service, altho they supposedly have upgraded their core infrastructure, they don’t support it all the way down to dns and routing. But using your service has allowed me not to just tunnel ipv6 but to have every endpoint properly assigned, routed, and resovled!

    Did I mention that this is all on my home network?
    Thanks for working on ipv6 with us!

  4. Luis Busquets

    I am running IPv6 in four different networks. They are all routed through It happens sometimes that go6 changes the ipv6 prefix to deliver to hosts through radvd. In those cases I have to reconfigure manually all DNS records (basically change the prefixes in no-ip= I would appreciate if no-ip implemented in its client a way to, apart from A records, also update AAAA records. What is more, taking into account mobility, my devices would be reachable with the name whenever I am in an IPv6 network.

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