No-IP Presents “How to Implement DDNS Keys” Tutorial Video

With No-IP’s DDNS keys, you can ensure your devices are always reachable, no matter where you are

No-IP is proud to present our “How to Implement DDNS Keys” video now live on YouTube! You can take a look at the video here. The video was created to provide a more visual way to educate and inform users about DDNS Keys and the process to implement them in their No-IP account.

Proven Effective

Our latest DDNS Keys feature has been a huge success. It’s been great for users who are looking to better manage their multiple remote devices with more security. A DDNS Key is a set of credentials specific to a hostname or multiple hostnames. Once created, a DDNS Key can be used to configure Dynamic DNS without using your account login credentials.

Everything you need to know about DDNS Keys and then some

Our “How to Implement DDNS Keys” video is based on our extremely informative Knowledge Base article that includes screenshots and hyperlinks to help educate users on DDNS Keys. It also gives insight into the implementation process and what it will entail.

The video is not just for new DDNS Keys users: We also add some tips on how to manage your DDNS Keys effectively. We will also be providing shorter videos of each segment of the original video so that you can always come back and watch the exact information you’re looking for.

Better manage your remote devices

We are excited for users to continue understanding and learning about our latest features, which our team has been working tirelessly to perfect. If you have any questions, reach out to our Customer Support team and they will gladly answer them.