17 Points of Presence Across the Globe Strengthens Anycast Managed DNS Network


Just a short time after our entirely new website redesign launch, we are proud to announce that we now have added server presences in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and Turkey.

This means that we now have 17 points of presence across the globe. Not only does this make our managed DNS network ultra reliable, but it also makes it fast. Anycast DNS, which is available when you upgrade to a Plus Managed DNS account, ensures that your website visitors visit your site at the fastest speed possible. When they try to visit your website, their computer will query a DNS server that is closest to them. So, if your business is located in Los Angeles, but your customer is located in Japan, they will connect to the server in Tokyo, not the server in Los Angeles. This makes connections a lot faster and it also helps for website redundancy. If the power gets knocked out where you are, your website will still be available. (If you have multiple NS records enabled)

At No-IP, we pride ourselves in our network, technologies and our top rated technical support. We are continually  investing back into our network and services to provide the best experience for our users. If your website is your livelihood and revenue stream, why not have it running on premium fuel, instead of regular? Check out our Plus Managed DNS service. No-IP Plus Managed DNS offers all of the above features for a very small fraction of the cost that one outage of your website could cost. What are you waiting for? Create an account today or learn more about No-IP Plus Managed DNS now.