Oh What a Year It Has Been

No-IP had an amazing 2015. Not only did we add several new members to our support team and an intern to our dev team but we added millions of new users and gave back in a big way to charity. What else did we do this year? Find out below!

Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies

For the second year in a row we made Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing private companies. We moved up over 1000 spots, from 3679 to 2634 and saw 140% growth in the last three years. We were even ranked 17 in our home state of Nevada. Making the Inc. 5000 list for a second time showed that our company is continuing to grow and thrive, due in large part to our amazing customer base. Will we get the three pete? Stay tuned to find out.

Launched my.noip.com  

In December, we launched our new account management system my.noip.com. The new system is cleaner and more streamlined than the old members portal. It allows for account management and hostname creation on the fly, as well as a simplified groups page. It is also fully responsive, which means making modifications from your smartphone or tablet are easier than ever. Currently all of our Free and Enhanced Dynamic DNS customers have been moved over to my.noip. We are working to add additional services to the system and hope to have the move complete sometime in the new year.

Hosted a Food and Toy Drive for Local Charities

For Thanksgiving, we donated food to the Evelyn Mount Community Outreach. The charity works, especially during the holidays, to give the less fortunate full meals. During Thanksgiving and Christmas they give away turkeys, hams, mashed potatoes, vegetables and other holiday foods. This year we donated enough food to dozens of families for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, we donated toys and other items to the Sierra Association of Foster Families. These toys go to children who are currently in foster care and often go without during the holidays. We feel lucky at No-IP to be able to give back to those in need and hope to keep this tradition alive for the years to come.

Added 3 New Employees 

In April, we added a Portuguese speaking Support Tech to our team. As Brazil is one of our largest markets we felt it was necessary to have a native speaker working with the company. We also added a second Support Tech in May to keep up with our growing customer base. In July, we added an intern to our development team to help them with projects and to give him real life experience in the development field. All three of our new employees are amazing additions to our growing team and we look forward to seeing what the new year has to offer.

This year has been a fantastic year for not only our company, but our team. Two of our employees got married this year, one had a baby and many bought new homes or went on exciting vacations. None of which we could do without the support of our customers. We can’t wait to bring you even more in 2016 and are excited to see where the new year takes us.

Have a wonderful New Year! See you in 2016.