The Personalized Customer Support Experience: Challenges the No-IP Customer Support Team Has Successfully Overcome

Our Customer Support team helps our users not only manage their IP networks but utilize and navigate our products and services successfully. These interactions not only assist our users but also strengthen their trust and faith in No-IP.

But not everything has been sunshine and rainbows – The No-IP team has dealt with some pretty hairy challenges throughout the years. However, by practicing our company values and working together, we have not only overcome these challenges but put in place tools and processes that create a custom-tailored experience for our users that sets us apart from other Dynamic DNS service providers.

Constructive Criticism is Key

Let’s face it – No one is perfect. You will never have the perfect company or the perfect product. However, you can get pretty close to it! Companies that actually take customer feedback, review it, and do the work to see if it is something they can accommodate are few and far between. Luckily at No-IP, we strive to create the perfect service and provide the best products for our customers.

One of the many things we’ve implemented for customers is two-factor authentication (2FA). This implementation was based on customer feedback requesting to have this security system that requires two separate methods of identification in order to gain access. Our Customer Support team relayed the feedback to Product Development, which was able to find a way to provide 2FA to our customers. Not only that, but our Customer Support team also assists customers daily with setting up 2FA on their No-IP accounts.

If What You Want Doesn’t Exist, Build Your Own!

Billing is the most important part of any business – It is not only a way for users to pay for their service, but it contributes to the user’s experience. If a user is waiting a long time for a refund or answers to their invoice questions, their experience and relationship with the company slowly deteriorate and take a longer time to win back. Over the years, No-IP has worked tirelessly to figure out the best way to manage billing for our users. There were manual processes and monetization platforms that were overpromised and under-delivered. After evaluating many proprietary billing management systems, the No-IP team decided it was best just to build our own system to fit the specific needs of our business and that of the customers we work closely with.

Using what we learned from past payment processors and our “wish list” of steps and widgets that would make our lives easier, our Product Development team was able to build our current Billing Management System from the ground up with lots of feedback and help from the Customer Support team. If you ever needed to add on a subscription to a service, get a refund, or have a question regarding your No-IP invoice, you will find the processes not only fast but extremely efficient.

However, it doesn’t stop there – Our Customer Support team still relays feedback and suggestions to our Product Development team, and they are continuously reviewing and looking for ways to make the Billing Management System better.

Privacy Must Always Be Protected

Privacy is one of the biggest topics our Customer Support team deals with, and rightfully so. It is so common these days to see hundreds of articles a day about companies both large and small getting hacked in the littlest ways. Our Customer Support team has heard it all from users flooding tickets and calls regarding questions and inquiries about how No-IP can best help. Providing customizable Secure Socket Layer Certificates (SSLs) packages to our users is one of the ways we can provide not just privacy, but legitimacy as well. SSL Certificates are data files that create an encrypted and private connection between the web server and the web browser, but most importantly they verify domain ownership and make it so hackers cannot reproduce false pages to trick users or intercept your private information.

The No-IP team created a seamless process to add SSLs to hostnames providing users multiple ways to subscribe or upgrade their SSLs depending on scalability. On top of that, the Customer Support team built out an extensive set of Knowledge Base articles discussing how to get an SSL installed on user devices.

Secure, Protect, and Legitimize

About five months ago, Gmail updated and increased its security settings. Of the changes, one of them was to increase email standards to protect recipients and legitimize senders. The way this is done is there are hidden values in the sender’s domain, such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records that the recipient doesn’t see. however, these are verification records added to the user’s domain that tell Gmail and other Email providers who is authorized (or not) to send email from the domain. Without them, anybody can potentially send emails from the domain, making Gmail (understandably) wary of your emails.

Although added security increased protection for everyone involved, it did cause some headaches and hiccups for users that found the measures frustrating when their emails kept getting bounced back. Our Customer Support team not only understood and helped users that reached out to us for help, but they also created a handy guide in our Knowledge Base to help these users get their domains situated.

At No-IP, we believe that challenges are only opportunities in disguise, and we take pride in overcoming them to provide the best possible experience for our users. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our Dynamic DNS service remains reliable, secure, and easy to use. We are grateful for our community of users who continue to support us through the challenges and successes. Thank you for choosing No-IP as your trusted DNS provider.