Switching to No-IP: A Reliable Alternative in the Wake of the Oracle / Dyn DNS Outage

oracle dyn dns outage

The recent Oracle / Dyn DNS outage has caused frustration and inconvenience for many businesses and individuals who rely on DNS services to keep their websites and applications accessible. For those affected by the outage, it has become clear that relying on a single DNS provider can be risky. In the wake of the outage, many have made the switch to No-IP, a reliable and trusted provider for Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS services.

No-IP offers a range of Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS solutions to businesses and individuals, helping them keep their websites and applications accessible and secure. No-IP’s Dynamic DNS services provide remote access to devices and applications, allowing users to connect to their network from anywhere in the world, while No-IP’s Managed DNS services provide a robust and highly scalable network of DNS servers that provide a range of features and capabilities for managing and optimizing DNS performance.

Some of the key features of No-IP’s DNS infrastructure include:

Anycast Network Routing: 
No-IP uses Anycast Network routing to automatically route DNS queries to the nearest data center, ensuring low latency and fast response times.

Global Network of Data Centers:
With over 100 data centers located around the world, No-IP’s DNS infrastructure provides high availability and reliability.

DNS Failover:
No-IP’s DNS failover feature can automatically redirect traffic to a backup server in the event of an outage or server failure.

By switching to No-IP, businesses, and consumers can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their websites and applications will remain accessible, even in the event of a DNS outage. No-IP has a track record of reliability and uptime, making it a trusted and effective alternative to single DNS providers such as Oracle / Dyn DNS.

In conclusion, the recent Oracle / Dyn DNS outage has highlighted the importance of having a reliable and robust DNS provider. No-IP offers a range of Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS solutions that are backed by our robust Anycast DNS network which includes 100+ points of presence, ensuring that users can keep their websites and applications online and accessible at all times.

By making the switch to No-IP, businesses, and individuals can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their online presence is secure and reliable.

After you create your No-IP account, you can easily access our secure and reliable DDNS and Managed DNS services, which can help you efficiently manage your domain and ensure its availability on the internet.

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