Tech Deal of the Day : Foscam FI8910W IP Camera with No-IP Integrated Dynamic DNS

foscam FI8910W camera

Have you ever thought about setting up an IP camera to monitor your front door, nanny cam, business, refrigerator, or reef tank? Check out this Foscam FI8910Q today!

With No-IP, you can monitor the camera remotely, even if you have one of those annoying dynamic IP addresses.  Just be sure that you aren’t invading anyone’s privacy with your IP camera, or breaking any of these laws.

In the market for an IP camera? There is currently a one day sale on a Foscam IP Camera FI8910W. Foscam cameras include No-IP as an integrated dynamic DNS provider, which means that you can easily use No-IP to update your hostname with your current IP address with no additional software or hardware. This camera retails for $160, so this is a great deal.

Check out the Foscam FI8910W IP camera now. You can also check out our support documentation for configuring a Foscam IP Camera with No-IP.

Do you currently use an IP camera to monitor your home, office, reef tank remotely? We have a few setup in the office and love them.