Test Our Dynamic Update Client Version 4.0 Beta

Try version 4.0 beta of our Dynamic Update Client! This version is currently only available for Windows.

New features of Version 4.0 Include: 

  • Windows 8 support
  • Fixed run on startup/run as system service issues with older versions of windows.
  • Ability to pick an internal network interface
  • Easier to manage update interval (Plus/Enhanced), users
  • Ability to create hosts from the client (Plus/Enhanced) users

We are committed to constant improvement and your feedback plays a large role in our updates and product development. Please contact us at duc@no-ip.com or leave your comment on this post to leave feedback. Download the new DUC today!

  1. Raymond

    love it when i do not need to start up the website to create new host.

  2. MBH

    No updates for Linux?

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