There’s An App for That! No-IP’s Favorite Mobile Apps

Did you know the No-IP team has a small obsession with technology? So it is no surprise that they use their phones for more than just calls and text messages.

No matter what they want their phone to do, one thing is always true, there’s an app for that! So we found out what apps were most loved by the staff this year.

Marketing Manager Natalie Loves…Afterlight & Instagram 

Afterlight is Instagram on steroids. It comes with 59 different filters, including 27 original filters, 14 guest filters sent in by Instagram users and 18 new season filters. But that isn’t all, you also get 66 textures created with 35 mm film as well as 128 different frames. It also comes with 15 adjustment tools to enhance you original image. Natalie likes that she can put a border around her image so she doesn’t have to crop it on Instagram. It is available for both Apple and Android devices for just 99 cents.

Once you have prettied up your photo on Afterlight, upload it to Instagram. This photo sharing app allows you to instantaneously capture and share your favorite moments. Simply take a photo through Instagram or upload one from your photo library, edit it to your liking and then share it with your followers. They can comment and like your photo and you can do the same for them. You can follow your favorite celebrity, politician or athlete too! The app is free for Apple and Android devices!

Marketing Coordinator Hailee Loves…Pact 

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to workout? I know I do and PACT does just that. Simply download the Pact app and set weekly workout and food logging goals. For everyday you complete your workout and food log Pact pays you! The app syncs with many partner devices including, My Fitness Pal and Run Keeper to keep you honest. But there are rules, workouts have to be at least 30 minutes and food logs have to be 3 meals and a minimum of 1200 calories. If you workout at a gym Pact will track you through GPS to make sure you are there. If you work out at home it has a motion tracker. Don’t workout and you pay them $5 for every day you miss. It is a fun app, for workout enthusiasts or for those who need to be motivated to hit the gym. It is free and available for both Apple and Android.

Software Developer Mosher Loves…Threema and Flow

According to its website, “Threema is a mobile messaging app that puts security first. With true end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that only you and the intended recipient can read your messages. Unlike other popular messaging apps (including those claiming to use encryption), even we as the server operator have absolutely no way to read your messages.” Not only does this app encrypt your messages but it will do the same for photos, videos and your current location. You can synchronize your contacts automatically or add them manually making it easy and safe to use.  It can be purchased for both Apple and Android devices for $1.99.   

Flow is a Reddit reader for Android devices. It comes with many great features including a Card IU, user login, easy voting, YouTube support and a variety of customizable themes. It is easy to navigate and though only pre-beta it stacks up to some of the more popular Reddit apps. You can get it for you Android device free on Google Play.

Assistant Product Manager Heather Loves…Evernote

Branded as, “The workspace for your life’s work”, Evernote is more than just a note taking platform. Yes, you can write notes and create project plans with Evernote, but it does so much more. You can store research, share information with a group of people and present your ideas all on the same platform. It also syncs with your devices making it easy to keep all your information close at hand. Evernote comes in three versions, free, Premium ($5 a month) and Business ($10 a month per user). You can get it for any Apple or Android device.

Senior System Admin Brian Loves…IP Cam Viewer and Disney Movies Anywhere

IP Cam Viewer allows you to see your IP cameras from anywhere using your mobile device. According to the product description, “The built-in web server enables remote control of the app to change record mode settings away from home or for use as a video wall or function as a transcoder to fetch frames from devices with proprietary protocols.” It comes with built-in motion detection that works with all cameras and a record mode that allows 24/7 recording from your camera.  You can use the background audio feature even if you are on the lock screen, to hear what is going on in your house at all times. It comes in two version Lite (free) and Pro ($3.99) and can be purchased for Android on Google Play.

Disney Movies Anywhere brings you the latest Disney releases straight to your mobile device. You can download movies straight from the app or stream the digital version of movies you have already purchased. It also comes with exclusive video content, special offers and you can earn rewards good for new digital downloads. Brian says it is a lifesaver for adults with kids, especially on long road trips! It is free and available for Apple and Android devices.

Business Analyst Llaura Loves…Fitbit

Fitbit is a fitness app that works two fold. You can track your daily steps and distance right on your smartphone with MobileTrack which tracks your basic activity when you carry your phone. Or you can get more accurate results by pairing it with your Fitbit tracker. This allows you to track your stats all day, not just when you have your phone! It shows you stats like calories burned, active minutes and sleep. You can also log your food through the app to see calories burned versus calories consumed. Unlike other apps that only do one job, this app does it all. You can get it free for Android and Apple

Software Developer Matt Loves…Smarter Alarm and Bitcoin Wallet

Smarter Alarm makes the task of waking up less terrible. No longer do you have to be scared awake by the obnoxious ringing of your old alarm. Smarter Alarm wakes you up with the voice of a pleasant, if not a little robotic, british woman. She will start talking and give you whatever information you want, like the forecast for the day, what emails you received overnight and the score to the football game you didn’t get to watch. The app can sync to certain feeds of your choice and when it is time to wake up it begins reading whichever ones you chose. You can get the free version for Android on Google Play or skip the ads for $3.99.

Matt believes in Bitcoin, therefore Matt has Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Wallet makes it easy to always have your Bitcoins with you. You can pay for products (at companies that accept this form of payment) by scanning a QR code within the app. Or if you are a company who takes Bitcoin you can receive secure payments instantly. The app features a way to convert Bitcoin into national currencies and will display it in BTC, mBTC and µBTC. You don’t have to register or use a cloud service with the app and you can still pay with Bitcoin via bluetooth when you are offline. You can get this Android based app free on Google Play.

VP of Strategy Dylan Loves…Minecraft Pocket Addition 

Now you can take your favorite game wherever you go. Minecraft Pocket Addition has the same game objectives as its larger counterpart. You can build virtual realities on your smaller screen and play multiplayer across any device that supports the app. It comes with survival and creative modes, infinite worlds, caves, new biomes, mobs and villages. The touchscreen caused a few features to be modified but overall it is the same game, in a more mobile format! Pay the $6.99 fee one time and use it on all your devices. It is available for Apple and Android in the app store. 

Senior Software Engineer Kurt Loves…iReddit

iReddit is the official Reddit app for iOS. It has all the functionality of the Reddit,  you can view the hottest, newest, top, and most controversial stories of the moment, explore individual subreddits, vote, comment, share and save links for later. The commenting has also been optimized for iOS making it easy to leave your witty comments at anytime. You also don’t have to reload the Reddit page and just by shaking your phone you will enter serendipity mode and be given a random site. You can download it free for Apple in the app store. 

Chief Architect Jonas Loves…Alien Blue and Starbucks

Did I mention our programers love Reddit? Alien Blue is another Reddit app, much like the two mentioned above. You can browse the site, view images and video, upload and up vote. It comes with a night mode so you can view content in the dark and will notify you of new messages in your inbox. You can get it free or upgrade to Alien Blue Pro to get access to more features! You can get it for Apple devices in the app store.

It is fair to say the No-IP staff has a small coffee addiction. And when the Keurig just isn’t enough most of us turn to Starbucks. The Starbucks mobile app allows you to pay for you coffee without every getting your wallet out. Simply upload money to the app and scan it after you place your order. You can also leave digital tips, check your card balance and reload money onto your card when you run low. Every coffee you purchase on the app helps you earn stars that turn into rewards! Just by having the card you are guaranteed a free drink on your birthday! Hit 5 stars and get in store refills on black coffee and tea! You can also send digital gift cards to people vie email or the their mobile app!.You can get the app free for Apple and Android.

No-IP staffers also love Spotify, Kindle Reader, Prey, Netflix and many more! What mobile app is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.