Tips • How To Make Your Wireless Network Faster

What’s the point of paying for an ultra fast internet connection if your wireless network isn’t up to snuff? Follow these tips to make sure your wireless network is as fast as it can be.

1. Check the speed of your internet connection. is an easy place to do it. If your results come back at less than what your ISP is promising you, give them a call, now.

2. Move your router so it is centrally located in your house or apartment. Walls have the tendency of zapping your wireless single so make sure the router isn’t too close to the wall and that is isn’t located right next to your modem. This also has a tendency of causing static on the connection because they both operate on the same frequency.

3. Change the channel that your router is on. Routers are usually set to default to a channel upon installation. If your neighbors are all on the same channel, your wireless signal could suffer. You can change the channel of your router by logging into the router gateway and toggling the settings.

4. Is your routers antenna removable? Considering upgrading to a high-ain antenna. Many router manufacturers sell aftermarket antennas that are High-gain antennas focus the signal in one direction, instead of omni-directional antenna that shoot the signal in every direction. Oftentimes, your router may have a strong signal, but the signal is being pointed the wrong way sending all of your signal into the street, or to your neighbors house.

5. You can even get all DIY and make your signal stronger using a soda can.

If all else fails, consider dropping an ethernet line to your device that you need the fast internet on. What other ways can you make your wireless network faster? How extremely frustrating is it when your WIFI isn’t working properly?

  1. I use a pringgles can to boost wireless signal.
    Put a hole in the bottom..

  2. Also.. try upgrading your wireless card. Some usb wireless cards drop connection.. if you cant fix this issue with the things listed above.. buy a better one.. or look on youtube how to take it apart and make it better yourself.

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