Tis the Season for Heavy Web Traffic

Tis the Season for online shopping and ECommerce sites are preparing for the onslaught of heavy web traffic. So how do you make sure your website doesn’t experience slow upload speeds, downtime or loss of customers? It’s simple! Follow these three holiday rules to ensure you are ready for whatever happens this year!

Beware of Typosquatting

Typosquatting is the practice of registering a domain that is eerily similar to someone’s current domain. Example www.someone.com and www.someon.com. When a user types in www.someon.com accidentally, they are a directed a site that looks very close to the site they were trying to reach. Unbeknownst to them they are at the wrong site, potential giving their personal information to an attacker. Avoid typosquatting of your domain by registering the domains that could be common misspellings of yours. These could including leaving the . off between wwwsomeone.com or forgetting the last letter as shown above. If you register these domains and redirect them to your site, you can decrease the risk of falling victim to this attack.

Outsource your DNS Management

If you are hosting your website locally and your primary host goes down you could face serious downtime. By outsourcing your DNS management you can ensure 100% uptime, because Managed DNS providers often have points of presence all around the globe. If one goes down, your traffic will be diverted to a different host. No-IP has a 100% uptime guarantee and 19 points of presence across the globe, giving you the security you need during this busy time.


When your site goes down do you know right away? Server monitoring sends you an alert the second something goes wrong with your site. Then you get an additional service check every 15 minutes until the problem is resolved. This means you can fix the issue as soon as it happens, reducing downtime and increasing customer satisfaction!

Rely on Failover Support 

While your site is down what is happening to your business? Chances are they are going other places.  If you have failover support, your traffic can be diverted to another IP address, website or to a custom webpage stored on our servers. When your service comes back online, we will will undo the failover settings and normal operations will continue. Your site and customers won’t miss a beat.

Happy Holidays!