Case Study: The Unique Way One Customer Uses No-IP

Did you know No-IP’s dynamic DNS can be used for more than monitoring your home, setting up a game server and connecting to your private cloud?

It’s true, and one of our customers is using his dynamic DNS in a way we never imagined. He uses it to remote access his tortoise habitat.

“The main reason I got a DDNS service was so I could monitor my tortoise building, yes a tortoise building,” Cliff Flock said. “ have a 33 pound Sulcata tortoise that stays in his own building during the winter. I set up a Raspberry Pi to control his heating and lights. I like being able to monitor his enclosure when I am away. No-IP enabled me to do just that.”

Flock started using No-IP’s Dynamic DNS services in 2015 after he was referred by a coworker. He said he chose No-IP because we offered the ability to test out the DDNS with our free service.

“I went with No-IP because I could use a DDNS service without having to commit to a yearly subscription until I decided if I liked the service and was going to use it,” Flock said.

He said No-IP has helped give him peace of mind because he knows everything in his habitat is working when he is away from the house.

“When I type in my hostname I know it will work,” he said. “No-IP is an excellent service, it is very easy to setup and after downloading the Dynamic Update Client, I do not have to think about keeping my hostnames updated when my dynamic IP changes.”

If you want to check out what Flock’s tortoise Spike is up to, you can visit his Facebook page!

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