Well its been a while since our last blog entry so we wanted to update everyone.


We are proud to announce that on 11/27/2007 that we replaced both of the air filters in the heating units to our office. Yes it was a big deal and we are happy to say that no employees were injured during the upgrades. Also on a much less impressive note, we added two additional DNS servers to better serve our customers and increase reliability.

With 2008 around the corner we are hoping to update the blog more often. We have some big things on the way for 2008. Just to give you a hint, it begins with an “A” and ends with a “T”.

  1. I see you got comments working, I guess the webmaster did read the email I sent 😉

    I’ve been using the DNS+ service on a couple of my big websites and I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to see what you’ll come out with in ’08.

  2. How about offering some multiple domain discounts, over the years I registered more domains I’m up to about five no-ip plus domains. I’m not using your service for dyndns as all my ip’s are static.
    I use your service because you have a great website that makes administration of my domains a breeze.
    Your dns servers update sooo much more often than others, this gives flexibility if I need to repoint a domain in a crisis.
    I get loads of redirect options and real flexibility.
    As I setup more and more domains for friends and familly the renewal process started to become a pain, a bulkbuy option of up to 5 domains would be good for me. Maybe as an incentive you could offer one free domain or a discount. Maybe you have something like this already?

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