11 Points of Presence Across the Globe [GIVEAWAY RESULTS]

Yes! You heard us correctly! We have 11 points of presence across the globe. Not only does this make our network ultra reliable, but it also makes it fast! Anycast DNS, which is available when you upgrade to a Plus Managed DNS account, ensures that your website visitors visit your site at the fastest speed possible.  They will connect to to the server that is closest to them. So, if you located in Los Angeles, but your user is located in Japan, they will connect to the server in Toyko, not the server in Los Angeles. Our 11 points of presence make connections a lot faster and it also helps for redundancy! If the power gets knocked out where you are, your website will still be available. (If you have multiple NS records enabled)

The winners of our giveaway are:
Gavin Fregona
Andrey Z
Carey McLauchlin
Barry Belford
Ian Thompson

If you are one of the above people, please email ngoguen-giveaway(at)no-ip(dot)com


Stay tuned for more giveaways!

  1. Andrey Z

    Wow, I won!

  2. Wow, i just saw this now. Is it too late to claim my prize?

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