10 Reasons to Upgrade Your No-IP Free Dynamic DNS Account [TIPS]

Still a free user of No-IP? 10 Reasons why you should upgrade today:

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Enhanced DNS
1. No more worries about hostnames expiring or confirming your account every
30 days.
2. More hosts! Enjoy up to 25 hosts
3. More domain choices
4. Awesome Phone Support
5. No advertising on URL redirects/port 80 redirects

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Plus Managed DNS
1. DNS management for your very own domain (www.yourname.com)
2. Up to 50 hosts / subdomains
3. Complete control over your domain (who doesn’t love having control?)
4. Ultra-fast DNS propagation: No more waiting 24-72 hours for simple DNS updates and changes, with No-IP Plus, updates are propagated worldwide in under 1 minute!
5. Trusted Anycast Network: We have multiple nameservers anycasted across the globe, which means your website will enjoy 100% uptime.

Are you already an upgraded user? Why did you upgrade?

  1. That’s cool.
    A 30% off offer with “Now through then end of April” delivered on May 11th!.
    Did you mean April 2013? ;;)

  2. Thanks for the catch.. Updated the coupon code and expiration date! ENJOY!

  3. hm

    Enjoy 30% off on upgrades! Now through then end of May with coupon code: MAYUP.

    “…now through THE end of May…” ?

  4. Jacques

    I’m also intrested in the offer. I received the mail on the 12th May but the offer is untill ens of April.

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