4 Cool Things to Do With Dynamic DNS This Summer

Summer is awesome, but summer can also get pretty boring and HOT. Check out some tips for helping you stay entertained and cool.


1. Have a swimming pool? Stand guard while you are at work for the day to make sure those pesky neighborhood kids aren’t soaking up the sun on a raft in YOUR pool by setting up a webcam that’s easily viewable via the web.

2. Like to feed birds, but hate your neighbor’s cat who terrorizes them? Again, set up a webcam and make a booby trap to try to catch the cat red handed. (You didn’t get the suggestion from us)

3. On a nice leisure vacation when your boss calls and requests a very important document that is on your home computer? (WTF man, I am on vacation!) Remotely connect to your computer with ease (even if your IP address has recently changed) Your boss will be very impressed. Now, proceed to turn your phone off for the remainder of your vacation.

4. Sick of the heat? Stay in the air conditioning and set up a video game server to play all your favorite games with your friends!

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  1. Shubham

    Somewhere else and you want to download something to your pc just connect utoorent or bitcooment remotely using no-ip download that file to ur pc..

  2. marc dodinval


    I use no-ip to connect to my home webcam … works good, no problem… but only snapshots when I connect to it.
    I want to permanently record & store 24/24 7/7, when no personnaly connected to it …. a web NAS solution …. any idea how to install it ?

  3. Lewis hill

    Think about who u give ur no-ip ip to though on my minecraft server I had tons of griefers

    (my minecraft server)

  4. Play “Spot the Difference” with you computer:

    1. Connect computer to the internet
    2. Get a DNS-name from No-IP.com and make use of it.
    3. Disable firewalls etc.
    4. Advertise your DNS-name on the interwebz, titled “Hack me”
    5. Spot the difference.
    6 R.I.P.

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