4 Dynamic DNS Myths Debunked

DNS Myths

Dynamic DNS can be a scary set of words. People don’t know what it is, don’t understand it or think that is somehow doesn’t apply to their life. I know, I use to be that same person. Had you asked me a few years ago what Dynamic DNS was, I would have looked at you like you were speaking a foreign language. Dynamic what, was probably my response. Flash forward to today and now I understand exactly what all the hype is about. Not only is dynamic DNS an awesome tool that can be used in every day life, it also can add value to businesses and even government agencies. Unfortunately, people either don’t understand how it works, or hear things about dynamic DNS that aren’t true. So let me debunk some of those DNS myths for you now.

It’s Only Used By Criminals

The most common use for dynamic DNS is to connect to a device behind your home router like an IP camera or DVR. This is not a criminal activity, at least not by legal standards. In fact, parents use DDNS in place of a baby monitors. Business franchises use it as a VPN between their various locations. It can be used to monitor kennels during off hours to watch for animals in distress. The uses of DDNS are endless, and almost always for the good. We take abuse claims very seriously at No-IP, and take immediate action. If you want to report an abuse email abuse@noip.com with your evidence.

It’s Complicated to Setup

The setup for dynamic DNS is easier than ever as most cameras, routers and DVRs have the service built in to the device. You can do it in three easy steps! Step one, create a No-IP account. Step two, login to your device and locate the DDNS settings. Step three, select No-IP and input your No-IP account information.  It is that simple. Now you can log in to your device from anywhere around the world. Still not convinced? Check out our getting started guide, which will walk you through creating an account with No-IP.

It’s Only for “Geeks”

What does, “it’s only for geeks” mean exactly? That only people, who are into technology, video gaming and Star Trek, can benefit from using dynamic DNS? Sure, it does have geek perks like the ability to create a game server, but that isn’t all you can use it for. You can set up IP cameras to watch your house when you are out of town, or your dogs when you are at work. You can also use it to connect to your computer, to gain access to files when you need them. It is definitely not geeky to want to ensure your home is safe, your dogs are okay and your meeting starts on time, even if you forgot your presentation at home.

I Don’t Need It 

Why not? Dynamic DNS can be used for some many things. Even if you think you don’t need it, you probably do. If you have a dynamic IP address and want to remote access your house for anything, you will need dynamic DNS. If you aren’t using DDNS and want remote access for something you will have to ask your ISP for a static IP. Static IP’s are not only very expensive but can be very hard to get. DDNS does exactly what a static IP does but for far less money.

Dynamic DNS isn’t just a scary set of words. It is a useful tool, that can help you improve the state of your home or business. Still not convinced? Sign up for a Free No-IP Account and see first hand how awesome dynamic DNS really is.