Why Clinton Electronics Chose to Integrate with No-IP


At No-IP we rely on our customers for our success. This means not only our service users, but the manufacturers who make it so easy for you to use our dynamic DNS. Clinton Electronics is one of those manufacturers. They use a custom integration in their DVRs to give customers access to No-IP’s dynamic DNS in an simple and cost effective manner.

Founded in 1963, Clinton Electronics is a video surveillance manufacturer based in Illinois. They wholesale their products to alarm dealers and integrators. According to their website, they have more than 800 customers in the CCTV industry, with products in 29 of the top 50 retailers in the United States.

In 2010 they added remote access to their list of offerings and started using No-IP. They were referred to No-IP by a customer who had used our dynamic DNS services in the past.

Currently all of their DVRs are integrated with No-IP’s dynamic DNS service. President Gary Clinton said that when they started offering dynamic DNS they considered hosting their own service, but decided against it.

“We chose to use No-IP, because we are not in the hosting business and needed 100% uptime,” Clinton said.  “The expense of maintaining the servers and personnel would not justify the service for us since we are not that big.” 

 Since beginning to work with No-IP, Clinton said he has seen many benefits from the service.

“It makes it much easier to install the DVR on a network,” Clinton said.  “We don’t install our products, our customers do. They need a product that is easy to get on a network quickly with minimal IP experience. Integrating the No-IP software into our DVR’s has helped reduce this time and effort. It even reduces the amount of tech calls to our support group.”

When Clinton started offering its customers remote access, No-IP was just one of several companies they worked with. But they soon left the other companies to solely use No-IP.

“No-IP proved to be the best fit for us and was willing to provide personal service,” Clinton said. 

Clinton’s integration allows customers to create a dynamic DNS account inside their DVRs. Once created the device will automatically enter the dynamic DNS credentials, leaving the customer with no additional changes or authentication requirements. Within a minute the customer is able to use the hostname to connect to their device from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of this type of integration are vast and include simple setup, a branded domain and dynamic DNS managed by the world’s leader. It is available to all manufacturers and takes almost no time to implement. Having a branded domain gives the integrator the chance to use No-IP’s DNS on their own domain, like mycomanydns.com. This adds an extra layer of branding and also makes their users feel more secure because they are adding an account on a domain from a company they already trust.

The best part? The DNS is all managed by No-IP, meaning the integrator is getting an Anycast network that has 19 points of presence and 100% uptime guaranteed. With over 22 million users worldwide and over 15 years of experience, No-IP has earned a reputation for having a DNS network you can rely on, that never goes down. 

Integrating with No-IP is simple and can be done by contacting an integration specialist at oem@noip.com. For more information you can visit our integrate page here.