30 Things You Can do While Waiting for a Record to Update


One minute may not seem like a lot of time, unless of course you have ever run on a treadmill. However, that is as long as it takes to update a record on the No-IP server. An update is any change made to a hostname or domain name which can include, setting a new TXT record or making an IP address change. The 60 seconds it takes to update the change to your account could be spent doing something productive. So we came up with a list of things you can do while you wait for your record to update! Check them out below.

1. Do 10 squats

2. Check your email

3. Buy a domain name

4. Text your parents

5. Take a bathroom break

6. Eat a snack

7. Pet your dog

8. Finish setting up your DNS service

9. Create a meme

10. Buy your Mother’s Day gift. (It is this Sunday!)

11. Do 20 jumping jacks

12. Get a glass of water

13. Tweet about No-IP

14. Clean up your desk

15. Check your calendar

16. Make your bed

17. Hold a plank position

18. Take a picture of your cat

19. Decide what to make for dinner

20. Do a load of laundry

21. Organize a bookshelf

22. Start a game of Halo

23. Check your favorite subreddit

24. Tell someone a joke

25. Update your phone

26. Port forward your device

27. Take a walk around your home/office

28. Make a to-do list

29. Meditate

30. Read this blog! Or other No-IP blog posts.

Please note: If you set up port 80 redirect, or web redirect, it can take up to 30 minutes for your record to update.

Have other ideas for how to spend your free minute? Let us know in the comments below.