Adding No-IP DDNS Support to your Router

The No-IP Dynamic DNS service is built in to many router and dvr products. However there are some devices that we are not featured in. Additionally, some routers that have integrated our service do a poor job at reporting errors and giving you good information in regards to troubleshooting the dynamic DNS configuration. A nice workaround to this is using DD-WRT.

DD-WRT is an open source router firmware that is available on many router platforms ( See supported devices) including Linksys and Netgear. Installing DD-WRT gives you a whole bunch of other features, such as bandwidth usage, advanced VPN features, traffic shaping, hotspot support, and a greater control over your network.

The installation is relatively easy. Keep in mind that installing this firmware does have its risks and if the instructions are not followed properly you might end up making your router a door stop 🙂 . DISCLAIMER: No-IP and Vitalwerks Internet Solutions is not responsible for any damage done to your router when performing a flash upgrade. With that said, we have put together a guide regarding the installation of the of the DD-WRT firmware and configuring No-IP’s DDNS service.

Additionally, If you have a router that doesn’t have support for No-IP, let their support team know, a lot of companies like US, listen to their customers requests.

  1. Another alternative is to use the Tomato router firmware. Similar to DD-WRT it gives a host of extra features, but tends to be easy to install and more user friendly to use.

  2. ddurrer

    Yes, Tomato is another good option. Tomato is a lighter weight firmware, so performance may be boosted a bit over DD-WRT

  3. Vince

    So… How long do you guys guarantee to stay in business and be free ?
    I have bad experience putting any trust into a free service (like dyndns..)

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